Tuesday, 17 September, 2013

Three things a PM should do..

Recently on the eve of independence day we had a blogging contest in our company.  the topic for the contest was the The three things I would do if I were the Prime-minister. I used this opportunity to express my thoughts after a very long time.
              Presenting below the blog-post which won the first prize in the contest.

If I were the Prime Minister of India, the three things I would change by Nilesh R. Jaiswal

To lead the largest democracy of the world is a great honor in itself. As they say great power comes with great responsibilities.
I see an opportunity to take my country to the highest horizons in a true sense to ‘Sone ki chidhiya’.

From the first minute of taking charge as the prime minister of country I would focus on
following three priorities
1) Improve Public Administration
2) Improve quality of living of people
3) Sustainable Growth

Below are the details as how we can achieve this

1) Improve Public Administration:

a) Election reforms: Government of India spends lots of money on elections. At every now and then there are different elections happening in the country may be its a corporation / panchayat elections / ZP elections / MLA / MP elections and most of the candidates spends hefty amount much more than the actual limit set by the election commission. Once the candidate has own the election he tries to recover his investment (his election xpenditure) and make profit, this is the root cause for the corruption. Being a prime minister I would be enjoying the majority in both the houses of parliament and I will pass a resolution by which all the elections in the country will happen only once in five years. With this I am sure we will be able to save lots of public money. Will bring all the political parties under Right Toinformation Act so as to maintain the transparency about the sources of money.
b) Accountability of Public servants: Will implement the things like JanLokapal and the citizen charter in every government office right from Panchayat to District magistrate's office. All those who are caught and against whom bribery charges are proven will be not only suspended but will
be terminated from their job and will not be able to serve any Government office for rest of their life. This way corruption will be reduced. For elected
public servants it would be mandatory to have a non-criminal background and if found otherwise they would be forced to resigned from their duties. This way we will have good people in politics. Will support right to recall to bring elected representatives back if they are not doing their duties.

c) Black-money: My foremost agenda would be to bring back the black-money which is lying in foreign banks. German Government was ready to give us the list of our national who have black money in these banks but the present government didn't had the guts to take that list from them and summoned the people who are having black money lying in those banks. Being a prime minister I will utilize the power given by constitution and will request the other countries who are ready to cooperate in this regard. Presently our government has the list of 91 people who are holding accounts in Swiss banks. They haven't made the list public due to their own interests. I pledged that I will not only make the list public but will bring all the money back to our country and spend it on the development of our nation.

2) Improve Quality of Living

To me quality of living can be better only if everybody gets
a) Education: As they says we need a better education system to produce the people with right skills. Currently we are producing lots of graduates with but they are less equipped with the correct skills. I would emphasize on building the world class universities in every state of the country. Nobody should be deprived of his basic right for education. I would look to bridge the gap between the quality of public and private schools. I would look to see to the extent that the kids of the prime minister and his driver should be able to study in the same school and under the same roof.

b) Health: I would implement right to Medicare as a fundamental right. Will promote the usage of generic medicines. It would be compulsory for a treating medical doctors to write the generic names on their prescription. Will promote the Ayurveda research and its usage in the country.

c) Safety : Every now and then some or the other part of the country is under terror attack / naxalite attack. I would equip our police / Para-military / armed forces with the latest fighting equipment’s and will make sure that terrorists are given the justice they deserves. With this I am confident of creating a environment where every citizen of the country will feel safe and secure.
3) Sustainable Growth

As a nation we can have sustainable growth if we have
a) Infrastructure: On priority will improve the roads, communication facilities by following the due process of giving tenders and making it compulsory clause to maintain what the contractor have built for next 20 years.

b) River Joining Project: In India every year we face the situation where some part of the country is suffering with the draught and the other part is suffering with the flood. I would make sure that we implement this ambitious river joining project so that every part of the country will get the sufficient water and we will be less prone to flood like situation. Making water available for irrigation will surely improve agriculture and farmers would be able to grow better crops and have a better life. Currently most of the farmers are doing suicides in different parts of the country since they are not able to grow the crops due to uncertain rain in many parts of the country.

c) Invest in next-gen technologies: I would invest in next generation technologies equipment’s and research for our army, navy and
air force. Nation is secure only when its armed forces are duly equipped with latest fighting equipment’s.
Before I end this article I remember a proverb, Once you start a working on something, don't be afraid of failure and don't abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest. I am confident that we will build nation of our dream.....
Jai Hind!
Nilesh R Jaiswal
(Your Loving Prime ministerial candidate . )

Monday, 17 August, 2009

"Difference between an Apartment and Society"

Since last few weeks I along with my friends is searching for a flat in and around Hadapsar in Pune. We came across various ongoing and completed projects where everybody was charging a huge amount for society formation, but at some projects the charges were too less and it was named under Apartment formation instead of society formation. Then we asked to the builder is there a difference between an Apartment and Society initially the builder was reluctant to explain the difference and he was saying that it is same. After our insistance and pointing out that the amount for apartment formation is very less as compare to that for the Society formation in other projects, then he explained that
1) Once a society is formed all the flat owners has the final right on the open space in the project and builder can't intervene afterwards
2) In case of an apartment builder has the right on the open space and in future he can contsruct any shops or any other contruction without bothering about the flat owners in an apartment
3) Society formation is little lengthier process and it needs all the documets from the Builder to be clear such as if the Plot was NA or not etc.
This was the little info which I could gather by interacting with various Builders and thought of putting it here because when I search on the Internet I couldn't found any useful info in this regard. Hope this will help to some of you guys........

Thursday, 13 August, 2009

"सत्यातही असशील का ?.........."

बर्याचदा प्रश्न पडतो की,
स्वप्नात जशी येतेस?
तशी सत्यातहि असशील का?
आणि असलीस तरी माझ्या संगे येउन
आपल्या संसाराची वेल तू फुलवशील का?
आयुष्याच्या प्रवासात सगळेच ऋतु वसंत नसतात,
येनारया ग्रिष्मताही तू माझ्यासंगे
आनंदाने झट्शील का?
आपल्या प्रवासात सगळीच मार्गे
आनंदी नसतात
तेंव्हा खडतर प्रवासात्तही
साथ देशील का?
स्वप्नात जशी येतेस.....

... "नीरज" ...

Monday, 9 February, 2009

Heading to be a super-power ( ?)

There are lot of good and great people like APJ Abdul Kalam, Anil Kakodakar, Dr Abhay and Rani Bang, Dr Prakash and Manda Amate are to name a few. I strongly believes that because of such good people only our country is growing with some ethics and morality. Otherwise the political leaders will sell this country if they can for their own benefit. Post sixty years of independence I do not see any political leader in the current era whom can I trust. The agony is all the powers and the responsibilities(if any?) and decision making lies with the politicians only. Here are few points which comes to my mind while penning dawn this post.

1)Security of the Citizens : Its the known fact that every other day there are attacks on the innocent people either by the Naxalites, Terrorists or the goons. It has been more than two months since the Mumbai attack and our Govt is just busy in making the comment and warning the neighboring country although they have cent percent proofs that the attack was planned and executed by the neighboring country's terrorists group in which their military and the intelligence has also helped them. I am fully aware and agrees to the opinion that War is not the solution. Then my question is give us or apply what the solution is. If we do not want to call a war on terror or with neighboring country then at least we should stop all the traffic bus, ships and air as well from and to the neighboring country. I really could not understand what restricts the Indian Govt from taking such decisions. The only answer which comes to my mind is to please the minority vote bank. If that would not have been a reason then perhaps the convict of a parliament attack would have been hung long back. Even after lot of terrorist attacks recently, perhaps the Govt is waiting for another plane hi-jack after which our Foreign minister will take him and other terrorists like Masood Azahar in the special air-craft to the third country to save the life of 150 odd passengers. Our opposition party claims that they will hang the Afazal Guru within 100 days once they come to the power. I doubt are they really interested in hanging him or they are just playing with sentiments of the common people of the country. Why can't they say that at the day one they will execute the Supreme Court order?. There are lot of regional parties in the country whose leaders are so shameless of doubting the martyrs of the Indian police who has sacrificed their lives for the well being of the country. Why can't they make a statement like make a stricter laws for fighting against the terror. The real fact is most of them are corrupt and has the criminal background. Perhaps that is the only qualification which a person needs to join politics in India.

2) Why the politicians are being given the security at the tax payers expense? Major portion of our economy and police force is wasted in providing security to these political leaders. I strongly believe that once they are made to walk without a security then they will realize the terror and fear common man of the country is facing. In the older times the mothers were praying for the well being of their children who goes on the war. But today every mom has to pray for the safety of her kid every day. In our own country we are slaves and if not slaves then at least frightened of our lives because of the dirty politics and lack of securities measures taken by the govt.

3) Election commissioner Navin Chawala issue :: The chief election commissioner of the country has the right to recommend the impeachment of any of his colleague ranked election commissioner. Before going into deep let me tell you that Gopalaswami has made the strong changes into the Indian elections. He has made it compulsory everywhere that the voting would take place by the Voting machine, also he has made the recommendation that every person who is holding a constitutional post should not be allow to join politics for ten years once he resigns from his post. He has provided more than sixty incidence with date and the details which shows that EC Navin Chawala is the spoon (Chamacha) of the political party in Government. But believe me his recommendations will be thrown out as the party in the power is not benefiting from it. By naming the Chawala (rather chamacha) as the next EC they will get control on the election dates and the spans for their benefit.
There are lot more things to put forth but I know putting them or raising them here won't make much difference than just putting common man's anger out.

Sunday, 30 November, 2008

"India the Super Power ... oh really?"

Below is the mail I received from one of my closed friend Prof. Mrs A. A. Pandit who is working as a Assistant Professor in Veermata Jeejabai Technological Institute Mumbai. I am sharing her thoughts here because I believes that these are the views of a Mumbaikar as she is born and broughtup in Mumbai and working there since so long. I also had the same feelings but had some questions whose answers I seek from the Govt and we the people of the country.


The past 3 days have been some of the most horrible that mumbai has experienced..that humanity has experienced.The terrorist attacks that took place on Wednesday,26th nov 2008 have shown that humans can be inhuman.14 terrorists that were said to be involved held a city of millions at bay for 60 gruelling hours. Fear instilled in every person whether they were near or away from the terrorists activity site.Each household sat,praying,watching the news with bated breath in the hope that no one they knew,loved or cared about was hurt.Yet not every prayer was answered.Not everyone was saved.Some were hurt,some died,some are so traumatized that they are as good as dead. The entire city has been stunned. The atrocities of these people are unbelievable. Still today we have moved on.The trains are once again stuffed with people travelling to work. The roads are jam-packed with traffic. "there's just too much that time cannot erase"- yes these incidents ARE somthing that time cannot erase.They never will be erased but we will move on. When ,after such incidents the city comes back to normal life,people point at us and say we are indifferent to to all the terrible things that have happened.I beg to differ.I think that the city returns to normal becuse we have the courage to move on..to let go of the past without really letting go. Anyone who lost someone to these crimes will never forget them but that doesnt mean that they will only sit and mourn for their loss and ignore their lives altogether .They will rebuild their shattered lifes weaving within them the memories of those departed. I salute these people. Their courage is awe-inspiring.I was one of the fortunate ones who did not lose anybody i knew or cared about.*touchwood*. Someone asked me,"why the Taj? Its a heritage! how can people not appreciate such beauty?" To this i simply replied,:a person who cannot value human life, who can put a bullet through a 5yr old kid's head without hesitatin...what will he appreciate architectural beauty?"
Coming back to these attacks, a really close friend of mine who narrowly escaped told me that at that point he acted responsible because he thought of us and what we would have gone through if anything would have happened to him. I thanked him for doing that! If only these terrorists thought, just for a single moment, what others go through because of their acts maybe things would have turned out differently.Maybe today everyone would not be looking at everyone else with suspicion. Maybe families would have still been together. Maybe,just maybe, there would have been peace...
Eutopia is only a concept. But that doesnt mean it can never be made into a reality. It need not be a perfect world but if everyday we all thought about someone else's feelings even for half the time we spent thinking about ourselves we'de be very close to it.Very close indeed..

To quote Nickelback,

"If everyone cared and nobody cried,

If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died..."

RIP all those who lost their lives because of these acts of terror.And HAIL all the brave men who laid down their lives to ensure our safety.


The attacked happened at 10:15 PM and our PM addresses the nation at 03:30 PM the next day. This shows that to address the nation he needed 17 hrs. You might be remebering that after Sept 11, 2001 attack on New York their president has addressed the nation immediately after 20 minutes. This comparison shows how quick is our leaders reaction to the terror attack. I would like to remind you of an incidence when during terror attacks on Delhi recently our Union home minister was busy in changing the dresses perhaps that was the most important activity he could do that time. If we are going to have such leaders to lead the country then surely we are far from being a super power. When somebody or some report claims that India is going to be a super power by 2025 i really laughs at them. As in the words of Vivekananda,

"We need, the muscles of steel and the bones of the Iron to lead the modern India".

Fortunately we have such commandows of NSG (national security guard) who without giving a second thought has put their lives in danger to save us.

Unless and untill our so called political leaders stop their vote bank politics the condition is not going to improve. We should first punish those dirty politicians who raises the question on the activities of ATS (Anti Terrorist Squads) like Butla House Encounter. That hopeless politician instead of paying tribute to Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma was questioning his encounter. For the votes of the minority community he was morally supporting the terrorist families. All these dirty politicians are the culprit they would have realised the pain of terrorism if they or their loved ones would have been kept as hostages by the terrorists.

Solution ?

To deal with the terrorism we should have special forces like NSG and most importantly their apponitments, promotions and transfers should be independent of the wills of these dirty politicians. We should used our Intelligence to keep track of terrorists plans and activities and not to keep track of the activities of their political rivals. Any one who supports the terrorists by any means or gives political support to their families should be punish first and those who found to be guilty should not be allowed to stand in any election or accept any political posts.

I really wonder if this attack would have happened in some city of USA or UK how they would have reacted?

I am pretty sure they would not have just kept quiet after strongly codemning the attacks. Instead they would have given the ultimatum to the country which has supported these attacks. Although we have the proofs with our govt still our so called leaders does not has those guts to keep the record straight with the neighbouring country. If they would have those guts then perhaps they would not have just requested the help of the ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) of Pakistan but would have given them the deadline that look if you are not going to give us those terrorists and our most wanted under world don like Dawood then we are going to destroy all their terrorist training camps (our intelligence has that information with them) like what US is doing with them against the talibani and Al-qaeda terrorists. But it needs a strong political will for not to waste such a golden opportunity when International Community will also not oppose your acts because they have seen pain we the people of India are going through since last three days.

How long we would keep sacrificing the life of innocent people and our brave soldiers like Hemant Karkare, Sandeep Unnikrishnan, and Kamte and many more?. I don't find any happiness in saluting these martyrs aren't they have lost their lives beacuse of the mistake of the govt and mistake of we the common man of the society who are not giving the serious thought to these attacks and not putting the pressure on the Govt to change the policies against terrorism.

If their sacrifice serves as a wake up call for us and the govt then that will be the real tribute and salute to these great and brave martyrs.

Saturday, 22 November, 2008


वादळ फार वादळी असत यार,
वादळाचि भीती असते फार,
तरी पण वादळ येउनंच जात्,
त्याला हवं ते तो घेउनच जातो,

ज्याना वाद्ळाची धास्ती वाटते फार,
त्यांनी फार तर वाद्ळां पासूंन चार हात दूर राहाव
आणि असेल चार हात करण्याची तयारी,
तर स्वतः स्वयम्भू वादळ व्हाव
तर स्वतः स्वयम्भू वादळ व्हाव .................

Friday, 26 September, 2008

Who is the Real hero?

It has been a very long time since I express my thoughts on this platform. But today I couldn't restrict myself from writing this. Some time back the capital of country was derailed by the terrorists and in after investigations and catching the suspects one of the officer of Delhi Police, Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma has died while fighting with them. But before he lost his life he shot dead the two culprits. This Inspector Sharma was around 42 years old and he was serving for Delhi police for more than 18 years. During his service he shot dead more than 20 criminals and encountered the same number of terrorists. The figure is not important here. The important fact is several times he has put his life in danger to catch the terrorists and save millions of life. As a token of appreciation he was being awarded with the several medals which includes President's medal as well. After his death the Government has given his family 5 lacs INR.

Now I want to remind you the prize money received by a shooter for winning Gold Medal in Beijing Olympics. You must be remembering that Abhinav Bindra is that shooter who has given all Indians a pride by becoming the first Indian to win gold medal in any Olympics. I know it is also a very big achievement as we got that medal after a waiting period of 112 years. The Indian Govt and several state governments has announced a prize money as a token of appreciation for his unique endeavor. The amount comes around 3 crores INR. Also I would like to remind you of one more such event when the Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh smashed six sixes in a single over he was awarded with 1 crore INR. Also lot of money is given as a salary to the present MP's and as a pension to the retired MP's for their so called National Service.
Now my question is who has served the nation in real manner, is that those who seats in AC's and move with the hell lot of security or by those who achieves a excellency certain sports and gives nation a pride or those who fights with the terrorists and militants to secure the life of common man and to keep peace in the country?. It is good that some sportsmen gets a cash reward for giving excellent performance on International Platform. I am not against that because these awards serves as a motivation and inspiration to the young generation and aspiring sportsmen. My concerned is, "Is loosing your life while fighting with terrorists or fighting with the culprits of the society is cheaper than winning a medal at International stage?". I hope by now you might have got my point. The Govt and we common man of the society needs to give serious thought over this. I mean when a soldier or a police man is serving most of the time in dangerous situations he has to think about his family. Because we care for our family the most. If we give awards to such soldiers with the enough money to support their family even after their death then I think these people will get motivated and inspired than they were before and can serve the nation without any personal or family worries.
Let me clear here itself that this is my personal opinion and it is absolutely fine even if you didn't like it. But if you have good points to suggest then please do not hesitate to keep your comments here.

Tuesday, 20 May, 2008



बोलण्याच्या ओघात लोक
मोठ - मोठी आश्वासन देतात
आणी स्वताहासोबत आपल्या
वचनानाही बगल देतात

कधीतरी केंव्हातरी कुठेतरी
अस वाचाल होत की,
जग हे फार "प्रक्टिकल" असत

पण तुज्या शब्दामुळे
तेंव्हा अस वाटाय्च की,
खर्च के हे सुंदर जग
एवढ ्विचित्र असत ?

पण तुला बदललेल पाहून ,
न्टंस्म्राटांच्या ही शब्दाम्धल मर्मृ कळत की,
शेवटी एकच ँअंतीम सत्य उरत की,
"कुणीही कुणाच नसतं"

कुणीही कुणाच नसल तरी,
मी मात्र तुझाच आहे,
तू सोडून गेलेल्या व्ळणाव्रती,
वाट बघत उभा आहे

तुला जस वाटेल तस,
मनसोक्त आयुष्य जगत रहा,
पण जतानां, "तू इथे चुकला होतास",
एवढं मात्र सांगुन जा....

"नीरज" ....

Friday, 16 May, 2008


स्वप्नांत तुझ्या जरूर येईन, पण

कधीच स्वप्नं दाखवणार नाही

तुला घेऊन भरारी घेईन, याहून

अधीक पंख फाकवणार नाही

चंद्र, तारे चरणी वाहीन, असं

कधीच वचन देणार नाही

अशक्यातलं "अ" काढलं म्हणून

अशक्य शक्य होणार नाही

अंथ्रुना बाहेर जातील असं

पायांना पसरवणार नाही

शेवटी मध्यमवर्गीय आहे

हे कधीच विसरणार नाही

समाधानाच्या पुढे कधीच

इच्छेची गती ठेवणार नाही

चारबाय आठच्या खोलीत

राजवाड्याचा दरवाजा मावणार नाही

माझ्यापाशी प्रेम व काळजी

ह्या गोष्टींची कोणतीच सीमा नाही

अगणित हृदय शोधून बघ

इतकं प्रमाण कुठेच जमा नाही

हे सारं तुला मान्य असेल, तर

आहे त्या स्थितीत स्विकार कर

फक्तं माझचं स्वप्न पाहीलं असशील

तर, निसंकोच ते साकार कर ......

Tuesday, 8 April, 2008

Giving back to the society..

It has been a long time since I used my keyboard for this blog. Anyway I am writing today for a very good initiative started by my classmates here. I am really feeling very happy to be with like minded people. My batch will be graduating in July 2008, so some top brains of the class has come up with an idea of starting some initiative for the help of under privileged section of the society, in short, "Giving back to the society" as they called it. We are thinking on some way by which we can contribute to the society and in some sense to the development of the country. During this period we had a discussion with each other and we are thinking of some way by which we can serve our noble cause. Some people has come up with the idea of Forming some Trust to which only Computer Science and Engineering Department's student will contribute and the account will be managed by the First year students who themselves will decide on how to spend the money for the social uplifting of the under privileged. Some has come up with the idea of sponsoring some child's education through already formed NGO's. Some has suggested for contributing to the fund of some society's which does social work.
My thoughts:: I belongs to one of the most backward district of Maharashtra, the main problem in my areas are kid's education and farmer suicide's. As far as I remember, when I was admitted to first standard in my village in a school run by Zilha Parishad, there were 76 students. By the time I reached 5Th std only 60 of them were with me. After 7th std there was not a school that time so some of them has taken admissions to nearby village schools. After 10th we were 8. The embarrassing fact is only 3 of us has completed our graduation. So there is very high percentage of drop out from schools. Today when I look back to that time I think not only the students but there parents were also equally responsible for such a large drop out. Who knows given an adequate chance there would have been a people just like us (I mean the writer and reader's of this article). In villages the main occupation is farming and parents insists their kids to work in farm rather than attending schools again there are two reasons the one thing is they are not aware and the other and most important is they are aware but they are poor hence can't afford to have some other workers to work in their farms and hence they sacrifice their child's education in short sacrifice their bright future. We need some solution to tackle this issue.
Another problem is farmer suicide's, all political parties raises this issue every time election comes and not surprisingly forgets when come to power. In most of the cases of farmer suicide, the reason is that the farmer's financial condition is not good hence he takes some loan thinking that , he will return it back after having a good crop. But as we know nature is very uncertain these days, hence his dreams crashes with the drought of water. Later for the next year bank refuses to give him the loan because he didn't clear the earlier loans. Then this small farmer takes the loan from private money lenders with 10% monthly interest and can't pay back the same year after year although for the rs 10 he took he paid rs 100 still the loan doesn't clears. I think to solve this problem we need some concrete solution which may include Employment generation through small scale industries or some private banks which can give crop loans without any security like Micro loans of Dr Muhammad Yunus or on the larger scale we can construct some dams in nearby places so that people will not depend on nature largely for their farming.
Let me stop here itself today, will add some more to this once I have a good collection of thoughts by which I can convince myself and can overcome the mentality that "Every one wants a Bhagat Singh to be born, But in neighboring house".

Thursday, 27 March, 2008

"तू एकदा परत ये..."

"तू एकदा परत ये..."

तू एकदा परत ये,
आणि संग पाहिलेल्या स्वप्नाना मुठ्माती देऊन जा..

परत कधी आली नाहीस तरी चालेल,
पण जाण्यापुर्वी माझ्यां ह्रुद्यातील,
तुझ्या पाउंलखुणा मीट्वुण जा

आपल्या स्वप्नांची झालेली राख्ररान्र्गोली पहायला,
तू एकदा परत ये,
आणि प्रत्येक क्षणागंणिक
तुझ्या मधेच अडकलेल माझ मन सोड्वुण दे,

भिऊ नकोस मी अस म्हनणार नाही की,
माझ्या हातात हात घालून बस एकदा
कारण आता हे कळून चुकल आहे की सर्व काही संपल आहे
त्यामुळे उगाच कोरड्या भावनांचा काय फायदा

तू जरी बदललिस तरी,
माझी मात्र एकच इच्छा
की जगातील सर्व सूखे
तुझ्या पायाशी लोळावित
ह्याच माझ्या सदिच्छा..


Wednesday, 20 February, 2008



काल धो - धो पडनारा पाउस पाहून
मनात विचार तरळला
माझ तर ठिक आहे
पण हा कुणासाठी रडला.?

सग्ळ्याना दीसतो तो फक्त ढ्गांचा गडगडाट
पण प्रत्येक गड्ग्डागाणीँक,
त्याला झालेल्या वेदना,
ह्या कुणालाच कळत नाहीत..
कदाचीत त्यामुळेच
नंतर ती विज कडाडत असेल
की तीच्या लखल्खटात,
त्याच उद्वीगण मन कुणालाच समजत नसेल॥

पावसां मार्फत डोळ्यातल,
सगळ पाणी संपून जात
पण आठवणी मात्र मनात
तशाच जीवंत राहतात..
आणीं म्ह्णुंन्च थोड़ थांबुन,
परत पावसाच्या सरी येतात॥

स्र्वाँना खुश ठेवत बीचारा ,
आपल दुःख लपवत असेल
आणीं त्यामुळेच परत्येक पावसाच्या सरीगणींक,
थांबुन थांबुन हुंद्के देत असेल ...........


"किसी के इतने पास न जा..:

किसी के इतने पास न जा
के दूर जाना खौफ़ बन जाये

एक कदम पीछे देखने पर
सीधा रास्ता भी खाई नज़र आये

किसी को इतना अपना न बना
कि उसे खोने का डर लगा रहे
इसी डर के बीच एक दिन ऐसा न आये
तु पल पल खुद को ही खोने लगे

किसी के इतने सपने न देख
के काली रात भी रन्गीली लगे
आन्ख खुले तो बर्दाश्त न हो
जब सपना टूट टूट कर बिखरने लगे

किसी को इतना प्यार न कर
के बैठे बैठे आन्ख नम हो जाये
उसे गर मिले एक दर्द
इधर जिन्दगी के दो पल कम हो जाये

किसी के बारे मे इतना न सोच
कि सोच का मतलब ही वो बन जाये
भीड के बीच भी
लगे तन्हाई से जकडे गये

किसी को इतना याद न कर
कि जहा देखो वोही नज़र आये
राह देख देख कर कही ऐसा न हो
जिन्दगी पीछे छूट जाये........


My comments on Attending Conferences

Recently it happened that my guide for Matser's Thesis has asked me to give my comments on a non-technical talk on Prof. Raja's paper(IEEE Computers 2008) On "Attending Conferences", below are some of my comments in which I have taken a freedom of expressing my own thoughts.
  • Most of the teachers in Institutes other than IIT's and some renowned research institutes of the country are not exposed to the research. My voice may seems as if I am complaining about the system, but it is fact that
    1. Most of the Teachers in other colleges are just BE/BTechs, some of them are ME/MTechs
    1. I agree to the fact that for research the qualification does-not matter because if we are exposed to the new open problems then we may come up with some new idea which no one would thought of earlier
    1. But the problem is that As per AICTE(All India Council of Technical Education) these teachers are expected to do teaching for 18 Hrs in a week, apart from this they have to check the assignments, papers of students, keep the attendance record ready at every point of time, and also you don't have a freedom to teach courses of your choice, you are forced to follow the result oriented approach and teach the contents as decided by the University. So they hardly gets any time to pursue some idea or research of their interest.
  • Conference/Technical Talks should be organized for such teachers but at the same time the participants must be ensured by the speakers that if they are interested then they can discuss their ideas with them by taking prior appointments with them. This can really help to someone who is interested in some research area but he do not have somebody with whom he can discuss his research ideas. Who knows by this we may find a very good researcher.

  • About sleeping in the class, I agree with the author that it's a pretty natural and speaker should not feel offended and participant should not feel guilty. At the same time, attendee should try to listen to the speaker carefully and if he has some questions during the lecture he should ask that at that instance only so that he can follow what next the speaker is going to talk about. If he is shy then at-least after the lecture he should get his doubts clear by discussing it off-line.

  • The student participants in a conference must be well-informed about the topic and references so that they can clear the basics of that area. If some reasearch scholars who had worked for 2 or more years can give the talks on basics, the students can follow what researcher is going to say in later talks.

  • Listening is the most important skill while attending conferences, because listening only decides how much we can benefit from the talks in the conferences and it requires lot of patience to listen something, here the difference between hearing and listening comes.

  • I think the success of any conference also depends on the participant-speaker interaction, hence speaker should be available after the talk for sometime around so that if some participant wants to ask something or suggest something then he can do that.

  • For exposure to the current research and intellectual growth of an individual conferences should be organized and participants should participate pro-actively.

These are some thoughts I wanted to share with you. I think rather than expressing the comments on the talk, I have taken the freedom of expressing my own thoughts on the subject.

Monday, 20 August, 2007

The Real Gurus...

Today there was a much awaited freshie welcome in our college. Until now i had an impression that there is always a differentiation between the Professors and the students. But it proved that I was very wrong in believing this. Today the Professors were as enthusiastic as we were and they were also enjoying this wonderful evening with their students.For the first time I saw a kid in these people. They are all always very busy in their research activity and teaching sincerely. But today we realized that there are also just like us. They also has shared a dais with students .On the top of it they also performed very well. The singing performance by one of our madam's and that too without any practice believe me was nevertheless comparable with most of the good singers. Also there was a fundoo performance by one of the professors. we were very surprised to see him playing "Sitar" (one of the rarest instrument) and he played a raag (as usual i don't remember the name of the raag :)) exceptionally very well. Now it was our turn to give him a standing avation for his great performance. First time in my life I saw a hall full of 3 hundred to 4 hundred people giving a standing avation to some performance. Some institutes are very well known for their reputation but I would say, that reputation is because of such all rounder professors and there very good students :).
Few years back in my school life I read a proverb, "Specialist is one , who knows everything about something and nothing about anything else". But with todays experience i should say the Faculties here is not just a Specialist but they are genius who knows everything about something (their research) and exceptionally well about anything else........

Wednesday, 1 August, 2007

Vyakti aani Ukti

It has been quiet a long time since I have used this space. Today I am feeling how we remember some people just by there words or in short a famous proverb which cannot be found anywhere else but after a few conversations we realised that these proverbs or phrases generated by people are by there experience and represents there view points towards life. In this blog I will share few such phrases I came across.
We have a one Professor, who once said,
"Life is not always fair"
. I thought for a while and then realised that whatever he was saying is really true. Most of the time we sees that some deserving people are struggling in there life to live with dignity and honour while the other people are doing good in there life just because they got a good background or the good direction fro there ancestors or some one else. After thinking a lot on his words I finally came to a conclusion that his words is the absolute Truth in this era.
One more incidence I am remembering , One of my very good friend who was with me in BE came to my place. We had a long discusion on how his course is difficult for him and what problem he is facing there to cope up with the course just because he didn't studied well in his degree life. Later I also felt as if he would have to work hard on his course. After a while he became a bit confident and replied in a firmway, "The only difficult thing in the world is to learn Cycling and I know that so nothing could be very hard for me". I looked towards him and smiled. That was the smile of satisfaction as I succeded in increasing his confidence.

This blog would be incomplete if I don't mention this incidence. In the first semester of our masters course we had some courses in which there was quiet a good weightage to the "Surprise Quizes". That day we were having some other assignments of other courses and there was a good chance that we would be facing a surprise quiz. I was a bit afraid as I couldn't read anything (this happens to me 90% of the time -- :)). There was one more friend acompanying me on the way to the class. He asked me will there be a quiz today?. I said , "It might be, But I am praying to the God it should not be today". He smiled and replied, " I also do not wish to have it today, but I am not praying to the God". I understood what he meant by those words as he was not atheist. Most of the time when we are in little troubles we call the God to save us out rather we should ask the God for the strength to face the troubles.

Saturday, 30 June, 2007

"In search of Happiness"

We are always in search of happiness , in fact we just tries to search it around us. Nomatter where are we , we alwys wants to live a "Happy Life". Today it was raining heavily in Mumbai but stil i went to class ( I raelly wonder that how i went to class I remember earlier days when even though the sky is cloudy I hardly attended the clases :)). In the recess when we came out of the class still it was raining heavily and everyone around us was talking about the ill effects of rain. From this conversation going on and everyone adding his bad experience into it , it was so easy for anyone to guess that everyone around there was so irritated of this continuous raining. Then after a while i observed a girl (she might be a research scholar) who was enjoying in this continuous raining also. She made a boat with the rough paper she has with her and was putting those paper boats in the water around the lecture hall and as the boat moves in that water the smile on her face goes on increse. People who were part of "Debate of ill effects of raining" were now also turn up and started enjoying the movement of the boat and the whole atmosphere was now much pleasant and lovable. Someone has said , " Life is 10% how we make it and 90% how we take it" . So we must learn to accept the life as it comes and enjoy our life Because Happiness is not anywhere but it is inside us.

Saturday, 23 June, 2007


Most of the people including us, changes there thoughts when it comes to apply the same thing for them. I just feel that human is a perfect example of changing or taking the meaning of rules or proverbs as per his convenience. When somebody dont follow the rules then we strongly argued that there should be Strict Rules so that nobody get suffers, but when our turn comes we just neglect those rules for a small leisure. At this moment I am just remembering the lesson which I studied in my school days , "Aatale aani Baherache" [ I think the author is Gangadhar Gadagil , I am not sure needs to checkout :) ]. In this lesson the author describes the incidence of getting a seat into the TRAIN. The train arrives on the station but the train was so rushy and there was not enough space inside it so the passengers inside every Boggie [Aatale] closes the door and dont allow anyone [Baherache] to come inside the Boggie. The author opposes this and argues that the train is for the public and everyone has a right to travell in it. But still noone from inside opens the door then author throughs his luggage inside the boggie and try to enter from the window , people from inside opposes but he dont listen and still try to enter in the boggie but meanwhile the Train starts and the person inside the boggie helps the author to enter the boggie, This way now author is inside the boggie i.e. he is a part of "Aatale" and as the next station arrives the author also closes the door and dont allow other passengers that is "Baherache" to enter the boggie. This is just a short depiction of how the human changes his behavior as per his convenience.
I think everybody around us is biased towards life. As Acharya Vinoba Bhave said we just see the "Vishwa-roop" and neglect the "Swa-roop". One of my relative is a politician and a corporator , I have observed many of our relatives who complains that there is not a good politician and government is not working for people but for themselves only. I am quiet astonished to see that the same people advises him to take the over advantage of his post. Sometimes I didn't understand how the same person can have these much changing views in very short span of time.

In Sane Guruji's autobiography "Shyamachi Aai" There is one incidence when after bath as there was some soil space between the bathroom and home, Shyam asks his mother to spread her sarees "Padar" on the soil so that he can come through that cloth without his clean leg being touched to soil. At this instance Shyamichi Aai (Shyam's Mother) says, "Shyam payala ghan lagu naye mhanun jasa japatos,
Tasa manala ghan lagu naye mhanun jap" [ read in marathi]
[meaning : Mother tells Shyam ," It is more important to clean the dirt in one’s mind than the dirt in the feet". ]
I strongly believes that everyone in todays world needs to think over the above statement.

Wednesday, 13 June, 2007

"The Inner Voice"

“The only person who knows what it feels in happiness, grief and ignorant moments is the one who goes thorugh it !!. Duirng such stromy phases , the wish to have somebody does not get fulfilled and thats the greatest curse of life.

But even if you have somebody who can not understand gives a greater pain !! Beling alone is much better than that ...” V. P. Kale ( A Famous Marathi Novelist)

Sometimes we just feels that everything has came to an end or there is nothing for which we should live this life. These thoughts came to everyone's mind may be one or the other time. But one who can withstand in such moments is the real human. So one should not bother about who is with him/her and who is not, Because the principle is so simple, we alone have came to this beautiful earth and we alone have to go from this world. So one should not regret because he / she has loose some one in his / her life. Since the only thing which is permanent in this life is CHANGE. Here i would like to add in Marathi,

"Hasave Hasavave,

Jeevanas kharya arthane Jeevan Banavave,

Swarthi Jagachi Vichar na karata,

Aapanach aapale Margakraman Karave"

Even if we have seen a dream and work hard to achieve it , and Unfortunately that dream doesn't comes true still we should not think that everything is over and we should try hard for the next time. Because someone has said , "Whatever happens , happens for the Best". At this moment I am just remembering a conversation between 'Nanda' and Devadatta from a famous marathi novel of V.S. Khandekar "Amrut-vel"

One should be Happy because , " He/She is what , what he/she is"